EGY Survey Give you access to our powerful online survey platform. EGYSurvey helps anyone in any function use surveys to make smarter decisions, while you gets complete control of your data, users and billing.

EGY Survey Can provide the following services:-

  1. Complete In-house survey on the customers' cloud currently Amazon cloud is supported.
  2. Customized statistics where professional statician can help the customer to draw the sample & calculate the confidence level & margin of error
  3. Data Entry service to help the customer to import their survey over the cloud
  4. Election observation platform. Egysurvey can supply turn key project for election observation control room
  5. SMS aggregator services in partner with different world wide aggregator.

For more information about the services offered by EgySurvey please call +20100 5607090, Skype ID a-kassem or email

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