ACS Provide unlimited e-mail support &telephone support for critical
issues. All support tickets will be responded within 24hrs. If you do
not hear, escalation would be to send an e-mail
This service is included by default for the following products & services

  1. All ACS customers under warranty periods
  2. ACS cloud & hosting services
  3. ACS software (Not end of service)

Also ACS can provide three levels of maintenance contract

1 BasicIn this level is By call visit, The customer will be charged for diagnostics, troubleshooting, spare parts, man day, and fixing bugs
2 Limited ContractIn this level the contract is covering limited number of support Calls. Customers will be charged for extra support calls & spare parts (if not covered)
2 unlimited ContractThis level is premium support level with unlimited support calls & ACS commit to solve the problem with 24 hours. Customers will only be charged to calls outside the scope of the contract

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