ACS is mainly involved in IT software, web & mobile application business as well as IT long term IT consultancy & infrastructure services which covers both software & hardware environments.

ACS depends on very effective and efficient staff. It believes in organizing, managing and executing various activities through very capable managers. ACS realized very early that the key to marketing success is in the effective and efficient use of communication tools. Therefore, it seems that the key to the success of ACS is its team of employees with diverse expertise, knowledge, skills and talents.


Advanced Computer Systems was established in Egypt in 1992. For more than 22 years ,ACS satisfied its customers’ needs in the Arab world in the field of IT System integration.


To be one of the leading system integrated companies in Egypt in terms of:

• Profitability

• Customer experience

• Employee experience

• Market share Have 100% of our customers receiving best possible products and service.


The power of direct and ACS’s team of talented people we are able to provide customers with superb value, high-quality, relevant technology, customized systems and superior support for both our product (software and hardware). To help businesses improve their profitability through the application of intelligent technologies for both software and hardware. To enables individuals and enterprises to achieve greater success by providing solution and service through pioneering efforts and usage of appropriate technology.


ACS provides integrated solutions based on its software products and its long experience andcapabilities in both hardware & Networking as a Business Partner for Microsoft, DeviceLock, Cisco, and Hewlett Packard and reseller for IBM, Dell, Acer 3COM, and Network Associates. ACS has a wide range of software packages in different fields such as: Web Casting, Distant learning, Contact Management, and web based applications.The products and services of the company cover different fields such as image processing, communication, Arabization, industrial & business applications …etc. ACS has been accredited by ITIDA (Information Technology Industry Development Agency.) on adopting agile software development methodology Also, ACS provides professional Microsoft support through certified engineer and manages medium and large networks either in house or remotely.

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